Image courtesy of PhR61. Copyright CC 2.0

This assignment asks students to use ORBIS to craft a hypothetical journey. After rationalizing the choices made when planning their trip students use a travel diary to recount the trials and tribulations of their journey. This project combines language, geography, history, and economics. It is truly an interdisciplinary adventure.

It is time for a road trip! For this assignment, you will assume the role of a person living in ancient times, and plan your travel between two cities in the Roman Empire. Mr. Abraham will help you select your city of origin and destination as well as set some parameters and guidelines for your journey that will incorporate the study of Latin. Below you will identify yourself, your profession, and the reason for your journey. Use ORBIS to map your journey (http://orbis.stanford.edu). Think carefully about the various options available. You will need to rationalize your choices and think how they might affect your journey. After you have answered the questions below and mapped out your trip you will need to write an account of your trip. You will create a digital travel diary, which will also form the basis of a presentation.

This lesson was modified from a project designed by John Rosinbum, a high school and college instructor in Arizona.