The Harpeth Hall School is an independent day school in Nashville, Tennessee that educates girls, grades 5-12, to think critically, live honorably, and lead confidently. To that end, the Digital Humanities Initiative at Harpeth Hall is a new programmatic and pedagogical opportunity to reimagine the ways that teachers and students approach content and learning. This year we will have and work to develop the following: 

  1. Digital infrastructure for courses, projects, and scholarship in a public format (Click “Projects”)
  2. Resources for class projects including professional audio/visual and recording equipment and programs (Click “Resources”)
  3. Individual and class instruction, teacher planning and coordination, and a blog that introduces the latest and greatest ideas, programs, and ways to incorporate technology into your curriculum (Click “Blog”)

So what is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities (DH) is a subject that encompasses technology, critical thinking, creativity, and scholarship in a way that lives online and allows individuals and groups to participate as both producers and consumers. It is inherently interdisciplinary, collaborative, and accessible but focuses on text and data related to the humanities and social sciences.


DH also represents a paradigmatic shift in education — providing a new framework for the ways in which we ask questions, gain and transfer information, and simultaneously teach/learn. Work in the field of DH can be wide-ranging but there are two common denominators for any project or research: 1) the use of mechanized media and 2) the study of the human condition. Beyond these two factors the manifestation of Digital Humanities, as a philosophy and methodology, is intentionally fluid and dynamic.

How can Harpeth Hall join the Digital Humanities movement?

We are well on our way. Recognizing the growth and power of DH programs in independent schools and colleges/universities across the country, Harpeth Hall has launched a new iniative called DH@HH. This initiative will facilitate and encourage interdiscipinary projects using on digital tools, methods, and a/v production. DH@HH is managed by the library/technology department and supported by other programs across campus.

How do I plan and implement a DH project into my class(es)?

The library’s technology specialist is available to brainstorm, design, implement, and support new lesson or project ideas that you may have for your classes. There are many tools available to help you focus your teaching through a new lens, full of possibilities and ways to visualize and draw connections with and between sources and scholarship. Email Karre Sloane to get started.

How does this fit with STEM and other disciplines?

Digital Humanities intersects, intentionally and often, with visual arts, fine arts, STEM, and “maker spaces.” As such feel free to reach out for projects that are outside of traditional humanities or social science departments. From a single activity to a year-long project theme, the field of Digital Humanities has something to offer.