The Global Scholars Program pushes our students to think beyond the geographic and cultural boundaries of the familiar in order to develop leadership skills necessary to become effective and responsible global citizens. The co-curricular aspects of the program allow students to explore and reflect upon different perspectives and globally-focused experiences outside the classroom.


  • Application: Student application and entrance into the program will be approved by the Global Scholars Committee at the end of sophomore year.
  • GS Community Meetings: Scholars meet as a group for guided discussion, visiting speakers and service learning 6-8 times a year as permitted by upper school X block schedule.
  • Small Group Discussions**: Scholars meet with a faculty member in small groups 6-8 times a semester for discussions about global topics chosen and led by student scholars
  • Capstone Project: Create a project on a unique global topic, completed with guidance from faculty mentor, to be presented and defended in front of Global Scholars Committee
  • Academic Standing: Must be considered a student in good standing (all significant disciplinary and honor offences will be subject to review and could be grounds for removal from the Global Scholars Program)
  • Badges: Global Scholars participate in a range of activities, including service, globally-focused clubs, and international and cultural experiences. They earn digital badges by participating in these activities and writing written reflections on their experiences.

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