Global Scholars will mark their progress through the program by collecting digital badges. “Digital badges–awarded by institutions, organizations, groups, or individuals–recognize a particular experience or signify accomplishments, such as completion of a project or mastery of a skill.” (Educause. “7 Things You Should Know About…”, August 2014.) Digital badges help students understand their progress toward accomplishing a goal and thus increase student engagement and motivation (Gibson, Ostashewski, Flintoff, Grant, & Knight, 2015). Additionally, digital badges indicate achievement in learning and provide a concrete, visible way to measure performance (Gibson et al., 2015).

As you enter the program in sophomore year, and continuing through the final Global Scholar badge at the end of the senior year, you are encouraged to investigate the world through resources located on or near our campus, participate in longer term commitments to globally-focused clubs or service learning through Harpeth Hall, engage in globally -focused academic travel, exchange, hosting or independent study and reflect upon these experiences. Students are encouraged to identify and recognize perspectives, investigate the world, share ideas and take action. The GSP badges indicate that the student has engaged in this process fully.

Sophomore cohort spring admittance and onward:

  • Global Investigator! Badge (minimum of 3 badges required to be completed by end of junior year) — for upcoming optional events click here
  • Globetrotter Badge (minimum of 1 badge required, may be completed between entry to program and end of senior year)
  • Global Action! Badge (minimum of 1 badge to be completed by end of senior year)

Junior year:

  • Global Discussion Leader Badge (minimum of 2 badges to be completed by end of junior year)
  • Global Perspectives and Values (1 badge completed as culmination of sophomore/junior experience)

Senior year:

  • Global Scholar Badge (1 badge): Earned upon completion of all requirements of program.