Student Capstones

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What is the Global Scholars Capstone?

Beginning in second semester junior year and during your senior year, you will design and complete a capstone project, which addresses a global issue relevant to today’s world. Finished capstone projects can take many forms, from traditional research papers or presentations to service-based activities or art projects. We call this component the “deliverable.” All deliverables are expected to be rooted in research and analysis. Through your capstone, you will demonstrate initiative, confidence, mastery of academic skills, and global competence. Capstone projects are student-directed: students choose teh topic topic, design the deliverable, and conduct research independently. Their work is supported by a GS advisor and a faculty mentor. 

What are the goals of the Global Scholars Capstone?

The capstone process has four big goals, which correspond to core global competencies (based on the competencies developed by the Center for Global Education at the Asia Society):

  • Investigate the World: Use knowledge of context (historical, cultural, political, environmental, social) to understand global issues and demonstrates mastery of research skills to obtain information about global issues.
  • Recognize Perspectives: Articulate understanding of diverse cultural rules and biases (including own) and demonstrates awareness of multiple perspectives.
  • Communicate Ideas: Directly address significant issues in the world beyond local community and provides insights that help audience understand these issues.
  • Take Action: Produce complete and polished “deliverable,” which demonstrates global competence, information literacy, and synthetic skills.