Harpeth Hall seeks to “develop responsible citizens who have global perspectives” and “promotes cultural understanding, environmental stewardship, and service to others.”

Global Scholars is a program of independent and group inquiry beyond the classroom curriculum.  Beginning in the spring of the sophomore year, accepted students explore major themes to build global competence by engaging in activities such as student-directed conversations, presentations by expert speakers, both faculty and guests, and written reflection.  Overarching themes have included human, economic and sustainable development and the global impact of STEM fields. The program culminates in the senior year with an independent research project about a topic of particular interest to the individual student scholar.  In addition to research and analysis, the Capstone Project requires the student to create an authentic product related to her topic that may be presented to the school community or other audience as agreed upon in consultation with the GSP faculty.

The Global Scholars Program pushes our students to think beyond the geographic and cultural boundaries of the familiar in order to develop leadership skills necessary to become effective and responsible global citizens. The program encourages cross-cultural connections and interdisciplinary modes of thinking in order to help students develop both empathy and the capacities with which to act. Graduates who complete this program cultivate analytical skills necessary to synthesize, communicate, and collaborate to create solutions for the most pressing problems in our ever-changing world.